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Track 7 and the Warwick Valley Humane Society Announce Second Annual Ribbon Rescue to Support Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month; it’s also the month of The Ribbon Rescue. This second annual pledge drive encourages community members to contribute supplies and donate funds to help the Humane Society care for the abused, abandoned and neglected animals who are housed at the shelter off of Kings Highway while waiting for their forever homes.

Once again, Track 7 Postal Center is teaming up with the Warwick Humane Society by providing a wish list on Ribbon Rescue pledge cards. Some of the items include a year’s supply of pate cat food, bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels and paper plates just to name a few. Cash donations are also welcomed with pledges starting at $10.

The staff at Track 7 welcomed the Humane Society and friends to announce the second annual Ribbon Rescue which begins April 1. Front row, Track 7 employees Christy Mills and Carrie Hallahan and their rescues, Beau and Ruger. Second row: Track 7 owner, Eileen Patterson; Betsy Mitchell; and Lisa Notturno, Humane Society board member. Third Row, Glenn and Susan Dickes who presented Lisa with a check for $1,000 toward the purchase of an animal transport vehicle.

At the top of the Humane Society’s wish list is a Ford Transit vehicle to replace an aging 2002 pickup truck. The Ford vehicle will better and more safely enable animal control officers to rescue and transport large, often injured and frightened animals to safety and treatment. Humane Society supporters Glenn P. & Susan D. Dickes have offered $1,000 to jumpstart the effort to obtain a replacement vehicle, observing: “The newer vehicle is a capital asset which will serve for many years to come. We hope other supporters will join us in making donations toward this worthy goal."

Two boards loaded with Ribbon Rescue pledge cards will placed in the Village of Warwick for the month of April. The community is asked to select a pledge card and return it with a donation to Track 7. The boards will be placed on Main Street on the fence next to Newhard’s and in the Track 7 Postal Center building at 3 Forester Avenue. Jim and Eileen Patterson, the new owners at Track 7 are happy to continue the project which was started by Ken and Betsy Mitchell. They said, “Our family has been rescued by a furry friend from the Warwick Humane Society so we appreciate all that goes into getting those animals ready for their adoptive homes. This is our way of saying thank you and we know the Warwick community will be generous as always!”

The Warwick Valley Humane Society is a non-profit whose goal is to provide a clean, comfortable safe haven for lost, abandoned, unwanted, abused and neglected animals. Their mission is to properly care for the animals until they are re-united with their families, adopted or appropriately released. They also offer programs of advocating responsible pet ownership. The shelter is located at 48 Public Works Drive in Warwick. Track 7 Postal Center is located at 3 Forester Avenue and is open 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.